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Writing is a marathon, not a sprint.


When I posted that first blog on website launch day more than two months ago, I had big plans.

I was going to update the blog multiple times a week.

I was going to launch social media channels and funnel them to the blog.

I was going to reach out to friends and fellow copywriters to curate their favorite links and resources.

Guess what? None of that happened.

What happened was I got busy. I was busy writing for clients through a third-party content creation site. I was busy playing with my kids. I was busy preparing for an uncertain school year. I was busy with laundry, dishes, cooking, bedtimes, and the thousand other things that pop up during the day when you work at home.

(Actual image of me.)

Here's the problem. I did exactly what I tell my clients not to do. I had a plan but I had nothing prepared.

I had no blogs in the queue ready to go. I hadn't actually created any social media channels or done any outreach. I had nothing. Nada. So, obviously, when life got in the way, this website stopped.

So if I can give you one piece of advice for freesies, it would be this: Treat writing and content planning as a marathon, not a sprint.

You want to be prepared for the long haul when you launch a new content project with content in the queue and ready to go. Do not trust that the stars will align and give you the time to create the content you need on the fly.

Trust me on this. It won't work out.

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