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Hi! I'm Carrie.

Hi! I'm Carrie.

My pronouns are she/her.

My favorite color is blue.

My favorite food is all of them, except pickles.

I have two boys, a cat, and a husband.

I like to quilt and weave and start other crafty projects that lay dormant in drawers around my house until I remember I'm working on them.

Oh. And I'm a writer.

Remarkably, I've only come to that last conclusion recently. To me, a writer has always been a distant, Virginia Woolfe-esque character longing for a room of their own to write down all of their profound thoughts to be enjoyed by generations.

My best story idea was an epilogue to "The Polar Express" that followed a side train passenger fifty years after the pivotal late night trip to the North Pole.

So. You know. Not Virginia Woolfe.

BUT! I have realized that I love to write FOR OTHER PEOPLE. I love taking other people's ideas and needs and turning them into something lovely and beautiful that is fun to read.

So I started this website and colored it Ticonderoga-yellow, despite my favorite color being blue, because what's better than freshly sharpened pencils?

Do you have a project idea that needs a writer? Do you have stale copy that needs jazzing up? Do you have a sales sequence that's just not converting?

(I promise I'll use fewer GIFs.)

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