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Special Projects

Sometimes you need a copywriter for a project that just doesn't quite fit in with any easy-to-define category. Maybe it's an ebook or dissertation you need to have edited. Maybe it's a series of lead magnets or a lead-generating email sequence. Maybe you just want a second set of eyes on the website copy you wrote yourself. 

Whatever it is, I'm here to help. My goal is to make the internet easier and more fun to read for everybody. SO! If you have digital content you need edited or created, let's chat! I'll bet I can help.

(In case you're wondering, my hourly rate for special projects is $60/hour. Once we chat, I can give you an idea of how many hours I estimate I will need to complete your project. As with all writing projects, that will just be an estimate and not a guarantee. If you have a strict budget, I can work with you to ensure you get what you need while staying in budget.)

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